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Elite Lacrosse Clinic for Boys: High School and Youth
Attention Boys' JBHS and RELAX Players,   We...
RELAX Spring 2018: Registration OPEN
RELAX Parents and Players, The 2018 spring lacrosse registration...
Don't put your stick down!
WALL BALL is one of the best things you can do to improve...
Elite Lacrosse Clinic for Boys: High School and Youth
Attention Boys' JBHS and RELAX Players,
We would like to pass on a great opportunity to be coached and seen by college coaches. Elite Lacrosse is holding one of its Run&Gun clinics at the Danbury Sports Dome on Sunday January 21st. The clinic runs from 2-6pm with all the instruction performed college coaches, the list of attending Division 1, 2, and 3 coaches below! 
The middle school clinic will run for 90 minutes, 2-330pm, run by the college coaches, and going through position specific skill and drill work, working up to larger team drills.
Fee for the Middle School Clinic is $40
The high schoolers and their parents will first have a recruiting Q&A. After that we stretch, do stickwork, position specific skill work, even drills (1v1s, 2v2s, etc.), uneven drills (3v2s, 4v3s, West Genesee drill), short field games, and finish with a full field scrimmage.  
Fee for the high school clinic is $160
As a special deal with Joel Barlow Lacrosse and Elite Lacrosse, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders can use the discount code "barlow121" for $20 off registration, and 9th graders use discount code "freshman2021" for $35 off registration. 
To register and for more information, please visit ELITE RUN&GUN
Any questions please email 
Thank you and see you there!!
Lars Keil
Elite Lacrosse Program Coordinator
List of colleges committed to attend:

Boston University
Bowdoin College
Dean College
Post University
Mass Maritime
Roger Williams
St. Michael's College
The Sage Colleges
UMass Amherst
UMass Dartmouth
UMass Lowell
Mount St Mary
Western New England University
Keene State

by posted 01/16/2018
RELAX Spring 2018: Registration OPEN

RELAX Parents and Players,

The 2018 spring lacrosse registration is open for all ages (K-8). Although the spring season doesn't officially begin for another 2 months, it is important that we start planning now. We ask that everyone register their son/daughters as soon as possible. Deadline for registration is January 1st. Registration fees will be due on or before February 1st. As of right now, we will only hold tryout/evaluations if our registration numbers force us to.

General Information:

Start-end date: Dates may vary depending on weather and indoor gym availability

5th-8th grade March 1st-June 15th

K-4th grade  April 1st-June 15th

Practices/Games: Practice and game schedules will be sent out by coaches as soon as they are available. Practices schedules will vary depending on age groups. Most teams will meet anywhere between 2-4 times per week. We also hope to schedule some practices and games on the fields in Easton to accommodate our Easton residents.

Uniforms: Information regarding uniforms will be sent out after the holidays. We will use the same uniforms as we did last year. You do not need to purchase a new uniform unless you chose to.

Fees: We attempt to keep registration fees at the minimum necessary to operate the program. As we are now being charged to use the Barlow facilities, their daily use fee will be incorporated into the registration fee of the teams using those fields. The 2018 fees are as follows: K thru Grade 4 is $200, Grades 5-8 is $300. There is a $25 discount per family member.

RELAX Online Store: Come check out the RELAX store and do some holiday shopping!  All orders must be placed by 11/30 to receive delivery by 12/22. Here is the link!




Registration Questions: Contact Cori Distler ( 203-241-1526 

by posted 11/27/2017
Don't put your stick down!

WALL BALL is one of the best things you can do to improve catching, throwing, and shooting. All you need is a wall, your stick, and a ball.


  • Accuracy
  • Stick Skills
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Catching
  • Dodging
  • Conditioning
  • Hand Eye Coordination


  • Wrists
  • Forearms
  • Body Trunk
  • Core
  • Shoulders
  • Legs

For Best Results:

  1. Find a flat brick or concrete wall at least 10 feet high, the longer the better. You have permission to use the big outside wall of the gym at Barlow, the one that faces the septic field.
  2. Every drill that you do — do it with both hands.
  3. Stand 5-7 yards away from the wall.
  4. Practice this routine at least 4-5 times per week.
  5. Each practice session should be at least 20 minutes. If you finish all drills in less than 20 minutes, repeat starting with the drill that challenged you the most.
  6. Use your ipod!
  7. Have fun!

Wall Ball Drills:

  1. Quick Stick with no cradle.  (50 right, 50 left.)
  2. One hand Quick Stick, no cradle. (50 right, 50 left.)
  3. Quick Stick, change hands each time you throw the ball while the ball is in the air, no cradle. (50 right, 50 left.)
  4. Both hand catch and cradle, with one quick cradle. (50 right, 50 left.)
  5. One hand catch and cradle, with one quick cradle. (50 right, 50 left.)
  6. Face Dodge: Catch, face dodge, throw. (50 right, 50 left.)
  7. Split Dodge: Throw right, catch right. Split dodge to left hand, throw left, catch left. Split back to right hand.  (50 right, 50 left.)
  8. Cross handed, weak side. (50 right, 50 left.) “Cross handed” means stick in right hand on the left side of body, or stick in left hand on right side of body. One quick cradle each time.
  9. Behind the back. (50 right, 50 left).
  10. Pass and Catch on the move, side to side.  (Go for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, repeat 3 times.)
  11. Develop your own drill.  Be creative and make sure you use both hands


Google "Lacrosse Wall Ball"

There are dozens of demos!


posted 03/14/2013
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